Purchases over $28 includes free delivery up to 20 miles from 98685 (Vancouver, WA), $0.57/mile thereafter. 50% deposit required on large orders over $100.  Local delivery only - unable to ship.     Additional 8.4% sales tax for all Washington purchases.

Regular Size:                12 ct/$25.00    (1 Flavor)

                               24 ct/$48.00  (1 Flavor)

                               36 ct/$67.00   (1 Flavor)

                               48 ct/$79.00  (1 Flavor)

Mini Size:                    $1.50/each      (24 ct minimum, 1 Flavor)

All orders are delivered in brown boxes with individual cupcake supports.  Several custom display options are available to rent for your gathering and are quantity-dependent all the way up to 400 cupcakes!

Gift Certificates are available in any amount! Talk about a great gift!